Dear Friend,

Welcome to the 7 Day Masterplan!

Let's cut to the chase:

You want to make money online right?

Simple as that?

However it's NOT that simple is it?

No doubt you have seen all the different "GUARANTEED" methods of making money, none of which are working for YOU or at least not the way you envisioned!

Then you go down the route of getting information overload as one technique you learn leads on to another and then another etc...

So Where Does It End?

With a BIG headache for 90% of people - worse still if you are not careful you can end up in MORE debt once you have purchased all the "tools and software" you need!

Let Me Tell You What You ALREADY Know...

"There Are People Making Money Online And You CAN Do It Too!"

This is what the 7 Day Masterplan is all about!

I am THAT sure that anyone can make money online in just 7 days from scratch that I am going to put my money where my mouth is!

No Hype, No Salesy Presentation, No Promises Of Lying On A Beach Somewhere - Simply Put:

"If You Follow The 7 Day Masterplan You Will Be Making $100 A Day (Or More) In 7 Days Or Less!"

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Chris Jones - you may have seen some of the launches I have been involved in - everything from beat making software (Dub Turbo) to gaming guides (Call of Duty, Skyrim) etc...

I have been working online for the last 8 years!

In fact 2 years ago I actually went LTD - you can check out CLJ Publishing LTD.

Here's a money shot if you need it:

This is taken from ONE of my Clickbank accounts - I have over 30 and admittedly some do more and others a lot less than this.

However I don't want to just show money screenshots - if you have been online for more than a few days you will know that these can be manipulated anyway.

OK, So How Do I Know The 7 Day Masterplan Is For Real?

I was thinking about this.

There is NO way for me to PROVE to you that this course works UNLESS I have give you a FREE sneak peak!

The 7 Day Masterplan will give you a simple step by step course to make money online in JUST 7 days!

You will need 1-2 hours a day and it will work for you!

So I Have Decided To Give You The 1st Day Of The 7 Day Masterplan For Free!

You will get:

The Top 10 Reasons That People Fail To Make Money Online And How To AVOID Them!

The Key To Making Money Online Quickly EVEN If You Have Not Made A Single Cent Before!

The Key To Being Productive With Your Time And The Simple Technique I Use To Get More Done!

The Truth About Outsourcing And Why It Is NOT Always A Good Idea!

First Steps To Getting Started That You Can Take Right Now!

A Plan That You Can Use To Get Started Making Profits In Any Niche!

You Will Also Be The FIRST To Know About The 7 Day Masterplan And Get A VERY Special Offer!


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Don't Miss This Chance To Start Making Money Online And Take Out ALL Of The Confusion!

It's Time To Make Money Online WITHOUT The Headaches!

To Your Success,

Chris Jones


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